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Our Environment

A key part of being a responsible retailer is to minimise our environmental impacts. We need to be mindful of the potential impacts our business can have in both the process of bringing our goods to market and in the retail stores in which they are sold.

In this pillar we focus specifically on energy, waste and transport.

Our long-term commitments continue to be to:

Lower our energy consumption (and reduce CO2 emissions).

Identify waste streams and work to reduce these.

Reduce our consumption of other valuable resources such as water.

Transport our products while reducing impact on the environment.

This year we have embarked on two new major projects:

1The first is to map and review our global sourcing footprint, looking for greater end-to-end efficiencies.

2The second will see us create a bespoke UK DC to meet our future requirements, with a focus on sustainable design through the BREEAM standard.