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Ethical Trading

1,263 ethical audits reviewed

We continue to receive and grade audits for factories. Our ethical audit programme requires suppliers to submit third party audits, dated within 12 months, for all new and existing factories.

We continue to work towards our target of 100% green graded factories. We have made progress this year with 79% now graded green.


We’ve made further improvements to Valid8 – our custom built online system to store and manage factory ethical information. Enhanced efficiencies mean we are verifying audits faster and a new auto-disengage function ensures no new orders can be placed if the audit has expired.

Migrant worker programme

We have worked with a Mauritius-based supplier this year to improve workplace dialogue. One of the key outputs has been free and independent elections by the workers of their own representatives who will liaise with management.

1Suppliers have responded positively to our Valid8 online audit database system

2We are the lead brand on a ten factory project in Bangladesh to help steer improvements in the country beyond the Accord on Fire and Building Safety

3A project in Myanmar, previously on our list of banned countries for sourcing purposes, has seen improvements in worker welfare and productivity

4We have put in place a system to measure long-term success in our Joint Turkey Project (JTP) at TOPSHOP and TOPMAN

5Our Management Systems programme has focused on two factories in India, reviewing and improving HR policies and procedures, training the HR department and piloting new healthcare provisions

6Our Right to Organise Guarantee is now available in Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Bangla, Hindi, Romanian, Turkish and Urdu

7Our Code of Conduct Guidebook is available in English, Chinese, Hindi and Turkish, covering close to 80% of factories in our top ten sourcing countries