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Ethical Trading

Ethical Trading

Our ethical trading work is wide ranging, multi-layered and involves different stakeholders. We have a number of ongoing areas of activity.

Arcadia Code of Conduct:
Our Code of Conduct applies to the supplier, manufacturer or any other person involved in supplying goods to our companies. We provide tools such as our Code of Conduct Guidebook to support and accelerate the resolution of problems identified during audits.

Modern Slavery Statement:
You can view our modern slavery statement here.

Ethical Audit
programme and system

We’ve continued to invest in our online ethical audit platform, Valid8. This year we further streamlined processes, automating previously manual elements. Under strict criteria, the system will auto-grade factories based on information entered on our system, with verification from auditors and our technologists.

Overall this year we reviewed 1,371 ethical audits across all our brands. 81.8% of our factories were graded green (low risk), 17.7% were graded orange (high risk) and 0.5% were graded red (critical risk). We continue to work towards 100% of our factories operating with a green rating.

Joint Turkey programme

The Joint Turkey Programme (JTP) was established by Topshop, Topman and another high street retailer.

The JTP’s mission is to ‘develop and implement a strategic and holistic programme to improve factory productivity, workers’ conditions, working hours, earnings and worker management dialogue. It uses established communication processes, training and industrial engineering. The aim of the programme is to empower factory owners, managers and workers to create a fair working environment while reducing audit fatigue.

Strategic Labour Priorities

This year we have moved forward in our various projects which focus on four areas, living wage, freedom of association, purchasing practices and vulnerable workers.

Country Risk Assessments

We carefully prioritise, monitor and respond to issues in all sourcing countries. Our teams and in-country consultants visit high-risk and important sourcing locations.

For example, Bangladesh remains a small but important sourcing country for Arcadia. We are committed to our role in driving safety and sustainability within the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment industry having signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.