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Recycling and Waste

Recycling rate in-store

Our recycling rate for Arcadia stores remains strong at 95%. About 405 sites are now under the responsibility of one waste partner, with the remainder landlord-managed where a rate of 80-85% is achieved.

Going paperless

Our commitment to reducing as much paper as possible in the business continues to be a priority. E-receipts went live this year and we have a target to have around 20% of transactions completed in this way by the end of next year.

Head office recycling

The relaunch of our London head office at Colegrave House this year sees recycling in place for toner cartridges and spent batteries. The official opening of the refurbished building has prompted us to work with the building’s landlord to further improve recycling, which is already extensively sorted and recycled.

Quality matters

We remain confident that we can maintain existing recycling rates despite changes in regulation, which may mean some mixed material items such as lined drinks cartons and takeaway coffee cups are excluded.