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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and CO2 emissions

Our total combined energy usage (gas and electricity) has decreased by 4% this year. Our corresponding CO2 emissions are down 4% year-on-year.

Cut the Kilowatts (CtK)

In its first year, our Cut the Kilowatts campaign (which has been piloted in 50 TOPSHOP stores) has saved 1 million kWh, that’s enough energy to let 7.5 million people watch the Great Britain Bake Off on a smart TV. The campaign will be rolled out to all 180 TOPSHOP/TOPMAN stores in the coming year.

Water consumption

We have appointed experts to help us achieve the same visibility of our water consumption that we currently have in the sphere of energy. Our aim is to build a water usage database and drive efficiencies in preparation for new legislation scheduled for 2017 that will allow us to tender for a single water supplier.