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Our Communities

Arcadia has always supported a wide range of communities worldwide. We give back at Group level, via our brands and through the generosity of our employees.

Our community footprint

Arcadia has a long-held tradition of close involvement in a wide range of communities worldwide. Activities range from:

Charity donations made at Group level

Working with cause-related partners selected by each of our brands

The individual efforts of our employees who continue to give back to causes that matter to them

Mentoring young fashion talent

Arcadia has again helped nurture young fashion talent this year via its support of two key industry groups.

This year we continued our involvement with the Fashion Retail Academy, which produces high quality graduates with the right skills for our industry.

TOPSHOP continued its support of the NEWGEN group, which enables young designers to show their collections as part of London Fashion Week. Similarly TOPMAN supports the NEWGEN MEN event, sponsoring designers to showcase their collections to press and buyers in London.

Arcadia Experience

We expanded our programme to work with a group of London schools to help students get ready for the workplace. Arcadia Experience was extended to a wider group of schools, bringing in 35 students from 14 schools to learn about life at work.